The official blog of Arizona State guard Brandon Dunson


My name is Brandon Dunson and I am currently a member of the men’s basketball team at Arizona State University.  I am a 21 year old junior hailing from Bloomington, Illinois and I’ve been on a very well-traveled route since my college years begun.

I am more than just a basketball player, I’m a basketball junkie.  I follow both high school and collegiate basketball closely especially when it comes to evaluations and recruiting.

When my playing career is completed I am looking to do something in the world of basketball.  Whether it’s being an agent, a sportswriter, a grassroots organization executive, a television analyst, or a coach of some sort my goal is to be a successful figure in the basketball world and to make a positive impact on the life of kids growing up with a dream.

I have a lot of thoughts about high school and collegiate hoops and have decided to create a blog to share some of them with the rest of the world.  I will randomly be posting things relating to college hoops and maybe even some other things.  Please enjoy my work.