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Evaluating Juan Anderson, a Budding Star

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For those who don’t know:
This past month Castro Valley (CA) and Oakland Rebels’ class of 2011 wing Juan Anderson made a verbal commitment to the Marquette Golden Eagles, choosing them over finalists Arizona State, California, and Oregon. Though these four high major programs all offered him scholarships Anderson has not been in the spotlight very long.

Throughout his high school career Juan has been considered, by many, a solid mid major prospect. Heavily considering Creighton, Murray State, San Francisco, UC Santa Barbara, and Western Kentucky among many other successful mid level programs. It was until a growth spurt and some exposure on the travel circuit this past year that high majors began taking note of this underrated Bay area prodigy, who currently ranks as the nation’s #69 prospect by

Breaking down the player:
Offensively, Anderson carries a very well-rounded skillset. At a lengthy 6-foot-6 he has a solid handle. He’s very favorable to the in and out crossover but also possesses a few other counter moves. His ability to distribute the ball off the dribble and from the post is much underrated. He sees the floor well and looks to get his teammates involved. Scoring wise Juan is very versatile as well. He has a nice touch from the midrange area and is a capable threat from three when shooting with confidence. Hopefully he will continue to look to develop consistency in this area. Off the dribble he’s good at attacking the rim and using crafty finishes though he also has the ability to finish above the rim. His post game is solid and he can finish at the basket or knock down short, turn around, fade away jumpers.

Anderson isn’t as far along on the defensive end as he is offensively but he possesses one trait that will carry him a long way: he’s a workhorse! He has good length which helps him on the boards and, along with his athleticism, aids him while defending the bigger post players. However, when defending the perimeter he has a tough time with smaller, quicker guards though his length does cover up for some mistakes. This is a concern and, though it’s tough to make your feet quicker, Juan has the mindset and the work ethic needed to develop in this area. Strength wise he will need to improve but that will come with time in the weight room when he hits the Midwest next summer.

Future assessment:
Juan could be a great point-forward for Buzz Williams. He plays much in the fashion of former Ohio State star Evan Turner at the same stage in his career. The Golden Eagles won’t be hurting for help that Ohio State was when Turner budded into the star he became but, with the right opportunity, Anderson could potentially develop into the same type of player over time. His IQ hasn’t been challenged enough to compare it to Evan’s but he is a hard working, coachable kid who has improved as much as anyone in his class over the past year. If he keeps down the same path and continues with the attitude he currently possesses look for him to bud into a star player in the Big East Conference.